Raffle Rules & Rewards!








Rules:When you purchase a single product it counts as 1 ticket. When you purchase a combo (2 product bundle) it counts as 3 tickets.When you order our trifecta Combo (our 3 product bundle) it counts as 5 tickets

When you purchase our 'Surgeons Nightmare Bundle" it counts as 10 Tickets . Order as many products as you want for more  tickets to increase your chances of winning!.

Winner has to record a video of them receiving the purse

Rewards:1st place Wins an Authentic $5700 Louis Vuitton Purse including Receipt

2nd Place Wins $1,000

3rd Place Wins $500

4th Place Wins a free Surgeons Nightmare Bundle(Value at $300)

This 7day giveaway it will end Apr 27th 12:00 am

Winner will be announced via ig live on @ko__elixir